Swimming Pool

The Carlino's Swimming Pool is the quintessence of our exclusive Resort; an outdoor swimming pool usable during the hot summers "Calabresi". kissed by the sun from sunrise to sunset, in a panoramic position, it is a great alternative to the beach.
Its size 'extra-large' give ample space to your desire to move ... with a depth from 0.70 mt up to 1.60 mt put d'children and adults agreement.
You will live moments of absolute relax comfortably lying on our beds, or give a dip and then relax by the pool sipping one of our delicious cocktails prepared by our professional barman.

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Opening Time:
MORNING        From 09:00 am to 13:00 pm
AFTERNOON   From 15:00 pm to 20:00 pm
Admission is restricted to people Hotel Villaggio Il Carlino.

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Tel.    0983-90-032
Mob. 339 13 45 773
 Comm. D. Carlino Hotel Villaggio
 Intesa San Paolo - Rossano (CS) 


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